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Artist: Becca Turner

Website: FantasyandFae.com


Creative inspiration, vision, beginnings, energy

Artist’s Statement

“The unicorn horn is the wands…the flowers falling from the clouds represent creative inspiraiton and the possibilities that we conceive in our mind becoming our reality. The butterflies represent new beginnings. I filled the base with flowers and butterflies that are growing outwards, so the ideas start in the mind, but become a reality once you take action, and grow from there.”

Card Meaning

On a carousel, a wand, the unicorn’s horn, begins to glow – bright white light srrounds it, symbolizing powerful inspiration and intuition. Instantaneously, flowers begin to fall from the clouds – our dreams and conceptions manifesting themselves in reality. Everything suddenly comes to life, flowers sprouting all over the roundabout instantly attracting butterflies, the symbols of transformation and rebirth, and the unicorn rears up, ready to leave the confines of the carousel and begin a new creative journey.

This card doesn’t remind, or advise, but rather demands that you unleash your creative energy. It represents a flash of inspiration that burns inside you, screaming to be released. It is not a patient concept, allowing time for careful consideration or research, but igniting a fire within you to get started.

Astrological Element & Association

Fire / Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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