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Artist: Mary Layton

Website: MaryLayton.net


Collaboration, project, working with and learning from others

Artist’s Statement

“My initial thoughts when told the theme would be Carnival, were of the elaborate dress and masks of Venice Carnivale. My vision for the Three of Pentacles was that of dressmakers. Though only an apprentice,m the young lady was entrusted with the creaton of an elegant costume for an important client. Her mentors look on in approval as she puts finishing touches on the dress. I wanted to try to incorporate zodiac associations in the imagery – the Three of Pentacles is associated with Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. I’ve given the mentors fancy head-dress with bull and goat horns (Taurus and Capricorn respectively), and the young apprentice represents the maiden of Virgo and wears its sigil as a necklace.”

Card Meaning

An apprentice Venetian dressmaker puts the finishing touches to an intricate gown for Carnivale. Two experts stand with her, but regardless of her youth, she is the one in charge. Her mentors watch on with pride, confident enough in her ability to allow her to complete this outfit without their help. An encouraging arm is draped across her shoulders, but it offers no guidance. The pentacles worn by the teachers are prominently woven into their headdresses, hers is to one side, slightly hidden by then flowers on her own costume – her success is emerging, but no less real than theirs.

This card represents a task come to fruition – there is more to be done, but the learning phase is nearly complete and there is time for a momentary pause to gather confidence and pride in you initial success, to energize you for the work ahead.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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