Featured Card of the Day – Ace of Swords – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot 

Artist: Monika Prok-Byard

Website: Faebylart.com


Mental clarity, focus, new beginnings, truth

Artist’s Statement

“I decided to do a Venetian Carnival theme because it reminds me of my trip to Venice. I try to incorporate personal elements of some sort into all of my paintings. Her dress and headdress have butterfly and bird feathers to represent that it is an air card, the bottom of her dress are mountains which reflect the cold and barren nature of intellect. The sword touches her head to represent the crown chakra and mental clarity, and the greenery that is intertwined with the sword is showing the ‘seeds of change’. Her stance shows that moment of clarity and I chose her outfit to remind us a bit of a battle outfit…becuase with that ‘aha’ moment, you are able to ‘fight’ your clear logical mind.”

Card Meaning

Against a clear, blue sky a woman stands, wearing a butterfly mask and surrounded by more. On her head is a crown of feathers and laurels, symbolizing victory brought by mental clarity. In her hands she holds an upright, two-edged sword. The theme of transformation continues down her dress, her overskirt is shaped like the tail wings of another butterfly. Below this, a barren, gray mountain range is depicted, illustrating that she has reached the cold peak of intellect.

This card represents the focus that comes with a “lightbulb moment”, a sudden realization that alters your thoughts, lets you see clearly, and takes you in a new direction. But, a sword is a brutal weapon to hold in the face of fragile creatures, and there is a warning in this card against using too much power on your new path.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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