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Artist: Alexandra V. Bach

Website: AlexandraVBach.fr


Walking away, making changes, withdrawing, fatigue

Artist’s Statement

“I am a dark/fantasy/surreal artist, so I have set a dark Carnival mood for my card, and my model is a pretty, surreal and gothic Harlequin performing on a moving ball.”

Card Meaning

A harlequin balances on a ball as she walks away from her past. For years, she worked in the circus, dreaming of better times, becoming more withdrawn from her fellow performers. Now she has cut those ties, but it doesn’t fille her with any joy. All around her, energy flows from cup to cup, but it doesn’t empower her. Instead she is fatigued – this is the last of the energy she once had for the carnival that she now pours away, making necessary changes to start moving toward a new life.

This card represents a choice – dissatisfaction with a situation that is draining, rather than encouraging you, but the decision to leave is a hard one, and may mean you nlose material possessions. This is an emotional tie – you have invested your heart and soul, but staying will hurt you more in the long term.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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