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Artist: Jayde Hilliard

Website: JaydeHilliard.com


Financial hardship, loss, despair, worry

Artist’s Statement

“A card that refers to poverty, isolation, and worry, as well as financial and spiritual loss. Honestly, I was a bit disheartened when I was assigned this card because ironically I held such similar feelings to what the card represented as far as my ability to produce artwork was going. I had been devoting most of my time and energy to my main obligations in life such as work and family and not taking care of myself or my art. The realization really haunted me. But, as I looked more at the card and despite the fact the figures depicted were physically and emotionally damaged, I felt a bit of hope that maybe they could get out of their situation if they would just have faith in themselves and find a way.”

Card Meaning

A broken, beaten man, sits on cold stone steps as snow begins to fall. A chipped mug, bag and crutch are his meager possessions, a monkey his only friend. The monkey juggles baubles, to try and drag him out of despair, to bring him into the world of work, prosperity and color, but while he gazes at his loyal companion, he is too despondent to try see him. Behind him, a bright poster invites him to join the circus, the warmth of the image a sharp contrast to the gray of the walls. Opportunity, friendship, even a carnival family beckon, if only he’d look up and see it.

This card reminds us that financial worries and adversity can create a downward spiral, into misery and depression, and that there is always hope, if only we can coax ourselves to see it.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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