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Artist: Deanna Davoli

Website: DeannaDavoli.com


Force of will, weariness, resilience, readiness

Artist’s Statement

“Wands are typically represented as staffs in Tarot, but I literally took it as a magical wand. I wasn’t sure how I could show eight wands being worn by a warrior. After researching global carnivals, I came across Thai Carnivals, where women have Thai nails or claws as part of their costume. The vision in my mind came to life.

I knew my warrior would have eight wands, and the ninth would be worn by a dragon. Although she is tired, she has strength from the wands she has already obtained and is ready to battle the dragon again to get her ninth wand. She is determined to overcome this final challenge and stand up for what she believes in.”

Card Meaning

A Thai woman stands under a Full Moon by a deep blue river. On her fingers are eight wands she has won through force of will and resilience, but her battle is not over. This is a pause in a longer fight, against a dragon who bears the final wand. Her inner strength is depleted, but with a brief rest, she can come back renewed. On her face is a look of grim determination, she is resolute in her desire to be victorious and, while weary, ultimate victory will be hers.

This card symbolizes the power and knowledge that you can overcome the final obstacles blocking the way to your dreams. You have already achieved so much, come so far, and you’re tired. But you’ve learned a lot, gained experience, and you’re ready.

Astrological Element & Association

Fire / Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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