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Artist: Stefania Russo

Website: LadyFanhir-art.it


Self-restriction, impotence, isolation, limits

Artist’s Statement

“A lonely deer girl was captured for the pleasure of the Freak Circuses director and for visitors. The tamer gave her name of Lady Baby Deer…Put her into the Prison of Eight Swords, and sewed her eyes to keep her calm and quiet. During a cloudy night, she found precious scissors in the dry ground, and cut the wire near her eyes, that ties her to the Eight Swords. Desperately wishing to be free, and in the passion of escape, she destroyed the mirror, and finally found the only truth, reflected on the glass. She’s a monster. She’s alone. She’s not human. She cannot be free. Lady Baby Deer may be rebellious and cut simply the wire that makes her a prisoner, but she feels ugly and the world is not ready for her. Liberty is so near to her, but she just wants to be blind, in her lonely world and crying just for herself.”

Card Meaning

A young girl from the freak show, the antlered “Deer Girl” sits alone, chained away from the circus tent and the paying public. Eight swords hang from her antlers, designed to restrict her movement. The same wire that fixes these has been sewn through her eyes, making her unable to see. Her hands are free, and she has stolen a pair of scissors, allowing her to cut her ties, but she doesn’t. In front of her is a smashed mirror – having opened one of her eyes, she is horrified at what she sees, and chooses to remain bound.

This card reminds us that no matter how trapped we feel, it is always possible to change our situation. We may feel that there are no options open to us, but there is always a way out, if only we can push past the self-imposed restrictions.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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