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Artist: Megan Frauenhoffer

Website: Meganfrau.com


Committed, hard worker, dependable, conventional

Artist’s Statement

“My version of the Knight of Pentacles is a Tiger Tamer. I picked this circus performer because his bravery best reflects a knight and because his act is very routine-based, perfect for the suit of pentacles. The tiger is a more powerful version of the Knight’s steed, imbued with its own magical powers. The knight/tiger tamer carries a hoop with the pentacle sign woven around the frame and coins dangling off the ribbons. The two are engaged in their performance, with the Knight displaying a meditative expression.”

Card Meaning

A big cat tamer stands within the big top. His outfit is not glamorous, he is a simple man, holding a single pentacle within his hands that he has worked methodically to create. It is not an original design, but it is successful. The same can be said for his performance with his cats. One of these, a dazzling white tiger stands close to his trainer, content in his company.

This card personifies the dependable rock upon which others may build for the future, he is reliable and steadfast, showing that that the way to accomplish our dreams sometimes lies in the completion of mundane tasks. Fire also plays an important part within this card, for though Pentacles are a symbol of Earth, this Knight represents fire and the moment of creation.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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