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Artist: Tara Fly

Website: TaraFlyArt.com


Reflection, nostalgia, childhood, sentimentality

Artist’s Statement

“This is what I’m seeing for the Six of Cups, which is a card reflecting on happy memories and a playful childhood.

My main character is seated at a large mirror, in her dressing tent – maybe she is preparing for tonight’s act. On the vanity in front of her are mementos: framed photos of loved ones, a letter, a jewelry box, and a bouquet of flowers (in one of the cups)…possibly sent by someone special.

The mirror’s reflection shows what is happening outside her tent, an entertainer on stilts is juggling the remaining cups for a group of children.”

Card Meaning

Inside a dim circus tent, a performer gazes into her mirror as she prepares for the show. Her face reflects back as she sits pondering her past. On her dresser lie mementos – a brooch, a small locked box, a letter, and family pictures. Happy memories fill her heart as she gazes wistfully at a scene she sees play out in her mirror – a juggler entertaining three small children as he throws five cups high into the air, the sixth stands with the memories on the dresser, now containing flowers from an adoring fan. Though she reflects upon the past, as every good artist knows, the show must go on.

This card suggests that nostalgia can comfort and inspire us to get past current misfortunes, while warning against using the past to escape the present – it may be nice to visit, but we can never go back.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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