Sun enters Taurus – April 19, 2017

As the Sun first enters Taurus, there is still some confusion over how to move on as you had hoped. Firstly, you must keep in mind that this is retrograde season, and you still have Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury backpedaling through the sky, with Venus still in shadow phase of its retrograde. Immediately after the Sun enters Taurus, Pluto will begin its annual retrograde for the next five months, urging you to let go, move on and separate from what no longer serves you. This is a slower moving energy to begin with, and of course the retrogrades will only make it appear to be more so. However, this does not preclude you from progress, even if you still have that occasional limbo feeling.

So, the confusion will not last, and when Mercury goes direct on May 3, with each passing day, you shall becoming increasingly aware of what your inner voice has been trying to get through to you all along. Certain commitments will even become easier, in spite of any issues around them which remain unresolved. Perhaps we all just choose to get along for the sake of having some positive vibes in the air. There will still be the usual suspects from the past who show up unannounced, likely with some unfinished karma. For many, this is also a glorious time of year for experiencing the great outdoors, attending parties, and generally taking time out to smell the roses. Taurus, after all, loves luxury and fine things, and although it may not be the time for such purchases, it is still possible to enjoy a thing of beauty.

Success and clarity come just as this cycle ends and the Sun prepares to do its yearly stint in Gemini. As you close the door on the Taurus chapter of this year, you will find life suddenly becomes more carefree, and the new beginnings for which you have hoped for so long, actually appear to be close at hand. It will be time to seize your power and the breakthroughs will be popping much like fireworks; save your energy during the Taurus Sun, for it looks like you will need for your next adventure! Check out my Sun in Taurus Tarot Guidance on Patreon! Available to $5+ Patrons. (19:45 in length)

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