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Artist: Kim Sokol

Website: KimSokol.com


Sadness, grief, disappointment, not all is lost

Artist Statement

“The common interpretation of Five of Cups contains a black-cloaked figure looking at three fallen cups in despair, ignoring the two upright cups behind him. Here, a magician mourns a failed spell that summoned only darkess, ignoring the bright light shing forth from the other cups behind her, ignored.”

Card Meaning

A conjurer gazes sadly, her cape billowing in the wind, blocking out the light behind her. She is lost and alone. Before her lie three cups, spilling out and emptying, the despairs of her life. In her grief, she can’t see that two cups remain behind her, upright and filling the sky with hopeful light. These two cups represent everything she still has and could cherish. Will she decide to turn from the sorrow and see the light that still lingers, or is she cursed to stand and watch as her life ebbs away?

This card represents loss, disappointment and grief, and how we face these. Are they an obstacle that stops us in our tracks, or a challenge to be overcome? While natural, wallowing is only cathartic as a temporary reaction. Dwelling too much on the past prevents us from moving forward.

Astrological Element & Assocation

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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