Card of the Day – Wheel of Fortune – Thursday, August 3, 2017

Here we go! This is, by far, the most popular card on the blog. We do not see it very often, and when it shows up, it signals that change is in the wind. Karmic changes, at that, which begs the question, “Which way will the Wheel of Fortune turn for you?”. That’s right, it can go either way.

I am of the firm belief that the greatest majority of those following here will ultimately see that this change is leading somewhere better down the road. There may be a few who feel the experiences have turned negative. But, remember, we can turn those negatives into positives. The Wheel of Fortune is a card of luck (hopefully good), karma (hopefully good), fate, destiny and motion. Things which have felt stalled for some time may finally have new life breathed into them and begin moving along again.

With Uranus retrograding today, it is highly possible that any motion and events transpiring for you, and around you, may appear to come in out of the blue. The Universe is prepared to bring you the impetus you need to bring about the changes you have been trying to figure out for months. So, once that Wheel is moving, you need to be moving with it.

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See you here tomorrow!

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Source:  Star Tarot

This card was last seen July 2, 2017

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