Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15° Aquarius – August 7, 2017

In spite of erratic events which can seemingly create chaos, this is a very positive eclipse season. Your main focus has been your security for some time now, and not only for yourself, but within home and family, where perhaps things were a bit strained for a while. Your beliefs have really head you steady and guided you through this; that one issue which looms over you will bring a reality check, prompting you to figure things out in order to move on toward a new beginning. The Universe has a very big hand in this, setting you up to celebrate your freedom from any issues by some time in November. Maintain clarity and keep your priorities straight when bringing in the changes which propel you toward the new identity you seek.

Diagramming everything, or basically laying it all out before you, will enable you to bring your wishes to fruition. That issue which keeps jabbing at you will require that you set aside enough time for yourself to deal with it, no matter how much of yourself you are accustomed to giving to others. Your wishes do come true, but not at this eclipse. However, your actions at this time are what bring them to you, allowing you to breathe and relax in a few months.

Stand up, take charge, and see everything as it truly is; do not allow yourself to be mesmerized by potential choices and any confusion they may create. This month, you will see that this Full Moon allows you to turn your back on something significant related to your past. At one time, it may have been important to you, but its use is done, and it is time for you to see what is out there waiting for you. The Universe is helping to set these things up for you, and you will feel much more grounded in the coming weeks as you take a practical approach to the changes you are trying to effect.

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