New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28° Leo – Monday, August 21, 2017 2:30pm EST

Even before its arrival, this greatly-hyped eclipse has everyone’s attention. No doubt there are signs of it everywhere you look. People coming, people going, and drastic changes abound everywhere. However, this is an extremely positive New Moon, and its messages of change can be felt far and wide. Your personal faith and belief systems will be called into play at this time. You may find you need to choose a side with which to be aligned. Choose the path which is true to your soul and which can bring you the greatest recognition through patience. Your reputation, perhaps in your line of work, if you have been persistent and consistent, should garner you the praise of your peers, colleagues, followers, etc.

This Total Solar Eclipse sets off a series of events, which along with other planetary factors, are providing the impetus to slam shut a door or two, on stressful chapters of your life which need to come to an end. Indeed, the dawn of a new day is here, and you are more inclined to put yourself out there and take any risks deemed necessary to get this new adventure underway. Keep the second half of October on your radar, for it would appear the choices you are making now, and over the next two months, are putting you off to a much more balanced life, which allows for the happiness you seek.

While you may be of the impression that the Universe is doing all of this for you, it is not. You are the creator of your changes. You do possess the resources and the skills to enact your dreams and manifest the opportunities which give you more to hold onto in the long run. Basically, there is a higher calling here, and you are now more aware than ever of what it is you need to do to succeed. Gather your allies; rally them around you and prepare to push forward toward success, leaving nothing but compassion and generosity for others in your path.

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