Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Virgo – September 5 through October 22, 2017

The Universe is working overtime doing its thing; Mars enters Virgo at the time of the Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury returns to direct motion. You will feel a surge of faith that you can once again trust in the process and tackle an issue which has been hanging over you for a while. You may somehow associate this issue with the past and feel it prevents you from building your dream life on the new foundation you have made for yourself. The first couple of weeks may feel as if you are at the helm, navigating a stormy sea, but the feeling quickly passes.

You are ready! Mars is the planet of action and loves to bring extra energy to the table wherever it may currently be touching your life. Try not to spread yourself too thin when it comes to various commitments you may have made. Overextension could create disappointments. Strive to use this Mars energy wisely, for with each passing day, other energies within the Universe will be improving as well. Your potential for manifestation is mangnificent indeed. You will know when the timing is right for acting upon opportunities which come your way.

There is no scapegoat here, nowehere to lay the blame for anything which may have previously gone wrong. At this point, it is all merely water under the bridge, and you need to prepare to move forward and keep up with the motion which is coming your way. Freeing yourself from a particular situation will allow you a new perspective on your life. You may need to make a sacrifice, but it will be well worth it, for, by the third week of October, when Mars is ready to move on into Libra, you will be rejoicing in your good karma, should you be so deserving. Creative new beginnings are yours and the Universe has played a part in helping you to weave this tale.

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