Full Moon in Pisces – Wednesday, September 6, 2017 – 3:03 am EST

At this Full Moon in Pisces, take the time out to reflect, and to look back over these recent weeks and the many changes, twists and turns, ups and downs which have taken place. There is no way you could have seen all of that coming, but, in hindsight, you may feel some of it even makes sense. There is a particular project which has taken much of your focus, and you have been working very hard at it. Perhaps you are eyeing the proper moment to set forth and take the chance to launch something new. Keep working on things, striving for perfection and working in a practical, grounded manner. You are creating a more sustainable position for yourself which will be easier to defend for the long haul.

Things do begin to smooth out at this Full Moon, for you will see eclipse season coming to an end, although the eclipses do have long-range influence, as well as a direct Mercury, slowly picking up speed in it shadow phase. With that being said, your patience may be necessary to strike that balance you desire, between the Full Moon on the 6th and the Equinox on the 22nd. The energies give way, and you are on your way to brighter and better days.

Your persistence, strength of will, and refusal to budge, will allow you to close a big door. It may take a couple of moons before you know it is done, but you will not back down until it happens. By the time the New Moon in October rolls around, you are feeling more secure with life and putting together a plan for long-term happiness. You will not settle for slapping a fresh set of paint over old problems; you will have closed that door in a permanent fashion.

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