Featured Card of the Day – Queen of Wands – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Meredith Dillman

Website:  MeredithDillman.com

Artist Interpretation 

I was inspired to create this by amazing women astronauts and scientists. I wanted to show her as strong and joyful, with a crown of fire and wand of pure light. I had a hard time thinking of how to depict sunflowers in space so I’ve decorated her cloak and dress with flower and vines representing fertility and growth. The black panther follows the tradition of the usual black cat combined with the card’s connection to the Leo sign.

Card Meaning

A beautiful Queen stands, with her blank panther against a backdrop of space. In her hand she holds a shining wand, bringing light to the galaxy. But more than the wand, the light emanates from within her, her fire and warmth flowing into the darkness of space. Her trusted panther lends an air of mystery to her, an otherworldly creature with magic of his own, her companion and pet.

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time to believe in yourself. Learn to see yourself as others do – a beautiful free-thinker, whose enthusiasm is contagious. Turn that brilliance inward, let your energy and warmth shine through you. Let your commitment for what you love inspire those around you. Celebrate your dedication and independence, your ability to think positively in the face of negativity – more than anything else, these will help you to succeed.

The Queen of Wands can represent someone you know, a confident, warm person whose assurance is understated, but powerful none the less. Magnetic, this is a person with boundless energy and positivity, who never seems to let the world get to them, offering you inspiration and infusing you with some of their energy and light.

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