Featured Card of the Day – Temperance – 78 Tarot Astral  ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  George Bogiatzidis

Website:  http://www.georgeboya.com

Artist Interpretation 

In my artwork, an enormous metallic angel stands as the symbol of humanity, a mega structure created by a glorious civilization. Both male and female is guarding our Earth in its mechanical womb while the Moon circles around its strong arms, a surreal image of balance and harmony and eternity. The card’s symbolism is all about the secret of eternal life and how we can find a part of it in our lifetime. The shell fishes are symbols of mindless destruction, always present in our universe. A Memento Mori that everything has an end, even eternity.

I use analogue collage as a mean of artistic expression, so there was a lot of cut and paste. The original photos I used I found on-line, mainly from advertisements of tools, kitchen equipment, camera lenses etc., along with some space photos from NASA.

Card Meaning 

A winged figure stands in the far reaches of space. Androgynous, it is a massive peace-keeper, and all around are space slugs, some choking a nearby planet. But this figure does not react. Smaller planets orbit around it, as though it was a sun in their galaxy. They pass through its hands without obstruction.​

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time for finding common ground and not taking risks. Personally, this is a time for moderation and avoiding excesses – in both day to day life, and your dealings with others. Be respectful, diplomatic and look for opportunities to restore harmony to the situation. Make sure you understand all the elements at work before making decisions.

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