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Artist:  Jen Lightfoot

Website:  http://www.jenlightfoot.com

Artist Interpretation 

For my take on The Three of Wands card, I illustrated a woman facing the viewer with a strong and confident expression on her face. She is surrounded by three wands, each topped with a different symbol and image. While drawing this woman, I imagined her to be some type of space warrior or possibly a goddess. The Three of Wands card often represents achievement or looking to the future. I imagine that the skull wand represents her achievement and success as a warrior. The other two wands can be interpreted various ways since they are a bit more ambiguous. I see the planet wand as possibly representing travel or a journey and the moon wand as representing the future.​  

Card Meaning 

A strong, fierce warrior stands above it all, with only space as her backdrop. Two wands are planted firmly behind her, and she carries another onward. A skull is atop this wand, a symbol of her prowess as a fighter, the skull itself just one of many several challenges she has overcome in her past. But still she moves onwards…these battles may have been won, but what of her future?  

When this card appears in a reading, it is suggesting you’ve made a good start, but should not rest on your laurels just yet. Quite the opposite – now it’s time to keep an eye on your long term goals! You can see it all so clearly now, laid out in front of you, and appreciate that there is a lot of work ahead. In truth, there may be even more than you realize, so be prepared for the unexpected, as well as the expected. It can be done – you’re prepared for hard work, willing and ready to see it through to the end, and as long as you continue looking ahead and planning, while you work towards your goals, you’ll get there sooner than you think.

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