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Artist:  Jessica M. Douglas

Website:  http://www.jessicamdouglas.com

Artist Interpretation 

The Star was a bit of a challenge, as I wanted to keep the symbolism intact and it’s a very iconic figure. The two jars she holds are nourishment, both for body and mind. One jar pours out on the land and spills into five streams to represent the five senses. In my image I had them spill out on the tree roots. The other pours into the water which represents the spiritual side, intuition. The tree itself is the tree of the mind, and nothing says thoughtfulness to me like the beautiful craft of bonsai. Normally she is portrayed nude, but I included clothing to hint at being wealthy or successful. But the halo of gold is to show that wealth is not what this woman is made of. She is generous of spirit and heart and will share her good fortune with others.

Card Meaning 

An opulently dressed figure sits at the roots of a bonsai tree. Within her hands are two jugs of water and she pours one on to land, on to the roots of the bonsai, and one into the surrounding water. She is a celestial being, the stars in space form her hair, and a golden halo surrounds her head. The Star is the bringer of life, light and hope, and she shares these equally, her streams of water representing both body and spirit.

When this card appears in a reading, it is encouraging you to have faith, and see your way through this. Reminding you that you can face any challenge, overcome all trials and obstacles in your way. Find your center, tap into the well of inner strength and act, positively, and holding nothing back. The Star is here to guide you and inspire you, rather than fix everything…only you can do that.

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