Featured Card of the Day – Strength – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Kmye Chan

Website:  http://www.kmye-chan.com

Artist Interpretation 

Strength was challenging for me. While the symbolism speaks to me, it was not a card I would have picked for myself. Was I good enough? Would I succeed? The answer was in the card itself. Strength is about confidence, poise, and trust, in oneself, and one’s abilities. I wanted to stay close to the traditional symbols: a woman with flowers on her head holding a lion’s head in her grasp. I chose to represent a star pilot in her fighter gear, carrying her space helmet decorated as a roaring lion’s head. She is a seasoned warrior who knows herself and shows both the confidence and the scars of many years of experience. She does not battle the lion – she is the lioness, the picture of true inner strength.

Card Meaning 

A grizzled, scarred fighter pilot carries a leonine helmet on her way to her ship. She is dynamic, strong and courageous, but not rushing. An experienced warrior, she knows better than to run into a dangerous situation without preparing. Her scars show that she has learned as much, if not more, from past failures, as from her successes. And here she is again, ready to fight again as needed. Knowing that her armor and helmet have seen her through before, they will give her the strength she needs again.

When this card appears in a reading, it is reminding you that you have wells of inner strength that you’ve not even tapped into yet. You have the power to endure and keep going without rushing in thoughtlessly. No matter how tempting it is. You will get much further by not forcing the issue. Understanding, patience and resilience are what is needed.

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