New Moon in Scorpio – Saturday, November 18, 2017 6:42am EST

The beginnings to all that is happening now have their roots in the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse from August 21. At that time, we said from New Moon, to New Moon, to New moon…and, now here we are at the fourth New Moon, which is ushering in your abundance and seeing at least one of your wishes come to fruition. You have new goals to set for yourself now, and no one can tell you otherwise. A major victory comes for you now, allowing you to release yourself from whatever had held you back from your hopes and dreams for so long.

Your routine shall be changing in some way, as you progress slowly forward, forever turnning your back on the hard times. Be methodical in the coming months, arranging your life as you had always imagined. Having clarity as to your priorities will aid you immensely with this. As life begins to balance out, at long last, remember that this new life includes more you. You need to learn to put you first, while still sharing with others. This is a bittersweet time, as your newfound victories come with a brief tear or two shed over the battle you have just fought, and finally won. Be proud of what you have manifested for yourself; you now hold the keys to your future, and you are free at last.

You will use this freedom to go explore, for although you have had a plan, life is showing you there is so much more which awaits you. Open yourself to the possibilities; the doors are not through opening, and you will feel inspired to make many changes you had not anticipated. A particular commitment/relationship which caused you undue stress, possibly leaving you feeling betrayed, may be a major source of change between now and the Full Moon. There are still existing fears surrounding it, and right now may not be the time for putting yourself out there completely, hoping for either a truce or renewal. Remember, Mercury retrograde is approaching, so the sudden appearance of this person does not feel 100% sincere and can create some disillusionment.

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