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Artist:  Chris Malidore

Website:  http://www.cmalidore.weebly.com


Teaching, guidance, playing by the rules

Artist Interpretation 

Our Hierophant is a guardian and teacher of tradition, religion, and morality.

With his flipper firmly raised to the heavens, he instructs his two students of a spiritual path using the stars as a guide through belief and dogma. Ever the foundation stone, he allows his faithful followers comfort and guidance through the unknown using belief as an opportunity to best express oneself and to give them the courage to exist in a chaotic place. 

Card Meaning 

An alien, space penguin is the valued and respected captain of this ship, standing at the window to a huge expanse of space. His flipper is raised to the cosmos. He is a benefactor and guide. A teacher, introducing his crew to the mysteries of the universe beyond them. The figures before him are his crew, heads raised towards him, hanging off his every word. These are his eager students and workers, ready to explore and discover the endless chances before them. ​

When this card appears in a reading, it’s time to listen to the advice offered to you, and respect tradition – don’t give into that rebellious streak that tells you to go it alone. There will be time for that another day.  

This is not a time to think outside the box, to buck tradition just to make a splash. Instead, you need to play by the rules, and color within the lines. Make no mistakes. Take the opportunity to learn from the advice and experience of those in authority, or you may regret it later!  

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