Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Sagittarius – December 1 through 25, 2017

Fate seems to have brought you here, and your destiny is definitely on your mind. Continue moving forward with your changes through the Winter/Summer Solstice which occurs on the 21st. It is as though you have wrestled yourself free from the challenges, and you are feeling as though you have what you need to move forward with new plans which will ensure your long-term security.

Changes can come out of the blue now, with Mercury also retrograde, Saturn preparing to change signs, and Uranus about ready to come direct on January 2. With everything which has happened in recent months, it all seems to boil down to December, during this transit of Venus through Sagittarius. Things will start to ease up after Venus moves on into Capricorn, so expect these twenty-five days to be a bit chaotic in a good way. They represent new beginnings and good news is in the air with changes for many. Looking ahead, you may wish a more quiet New Year celebration at the time of the Full Moon in Cancer on January 1, but you will recharge and be prepared to take on 2018 with a vengeance.

What has been out there, whether it be person, place, or situation, is finding its way closer to you, day by day; indeed the Universe is working overtime during Venus in Sagittarius. It will take a couple of months to put all of your choices into proper perspective, so keep working at each, and you will know on which to focus when the timing is right. Not only do you feel as though you are in charge of your life, but you are much more grounded, and now have more than luck on your side.

I have prepared a special Tarot Guidance for Venus in Sagittarius (20:03 in length), available now on Patreon as part of a $5 per month subscription. To join, go to – don’t forget to download the app, login and enjoy!

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