Through the Eyes of Tarot – Saturn in Capricorn – December 19, 2017 through March 23, 2020

Saturn will be taking up residence in home sign of Capricorn from December 19, 2017 through March 23, 2020. For many, this will be a much easier transit, and seeking true happiness in life will become one’s ultimate goal. This time gives birth to a totally new phase, and of course, Saturn will reward those who learned their lessons during its time in Sagittarius. How you conduct yourself now is so totally different, and aside from working hard for your abundance and independence, you are learning to work in unison with the Universe, in order to make your wishes come true. Capricorn is very goal-oriented, and, with a greater understanding, you no longer need to butt heads so much with the Universe to get your way.

You are ready for the new adventures which await you now, and, as this lengthy transit gets underway, you are prepared to set forth and go explore uncharted territory. Perseverance with a particular commitment can lead to a fresh start at some point. There is no rush with this; take your time, and make it known you can be counted upon, even as you navigate your way through all of the changes before you.

Any lessons to be learned are always more prominent in the first third; you are willing to sacrifice whatever it is to get to that desired future. After March of 2018, you will begin to see things differently, and any doors where it felt as though you were stalled and in a perpetual limbo, will begin to open like floodgates. Do your best to remain grounded at all times. A practical, business-like approach is necessary in most areas, so do remain levelheaded. You will truly begin to feel as though you have regained your power in areas where it was lacking for so long, and this shall leave you feeling more secure than you did for a while.

Learning to balance your responsibilities, and doing so without raising a ruckus, will bring the emotional fulfillment that makes the perfect picture of happiness and joy for you. Exciting new beginnings are on the horizon, and along the way there will be many twists and turns, as well as choices in change of direction. If it is love you have been seeking for such a very long time, your success may arrive, but not in the way you think. Clarity of thought and organizing your personal life will be of the utmost importance to prepare you for the perfect relationship.  

I have prepared a special, in-depth Tarot Guidance (48:36 in length), which also covers what this transit means for your sign. It is available on Patreon as part of a $10 per month subscription, which this month includes all 12 Sun Signs, 2 Venus Transits, Mars, Full Moon, New Moon, Sun/Solstice, Saturn, and my 2018 Tarot Guidance Overview. It is also available at this time, through YouTube, for separate purchase. To join Patreon, go to: the Patreon app, login and enjoy!

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