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Artist:  Scott Holloway 

Website:  http://www.paintingloft.com


Loss, betrayal, sorrow 

Artist Interpretation 

This painting is about heart break and betrayal. It is a self-portrait in a way about betrayal that has occurred in my life. I was betrayed. Going with the “Astral” theme I decided to insert the astral sky inside the swords that may suggest that the betrayal was destined to happen. The galaxy willed it. The person that betrayed me was also an artist. She painted landscapes and skyscapes. I’ve inserted 3 different aspects that talk about that. The landscape on the bottom left is of a popular reservoirs that she painted and that we frequented. The cliff on the bottom right is of a Sedona, AZ cliff. It was the place where we got married. I have purposely left these places without color as they are now “dead to me”. I hold no love for either of these places anymore. As I said, she also painted skyscapes as well. I’ve decided to use color in the sky however because the sky is always changing or evolving. The locations in the landscapes don’t change though.  

The landscape has some rain falling down upon it. I want this element to be either seen as good or bad. Either harsh weather or (if you observe where it’s raining) beneficial as it’s raining on the hill that has vegetation.

Card Meaning 

When this card appears, it’s seems like it’s giving you news you don’t need – that life isn’t fair, but you are acutely aware of that right now. You’re already feeling let down, even betrayed, and unable to turn to anyone to ask for help. But this card offers hope. It’s true that nothing can take the pain away, but you can try to look beyond it. To use the tears you shed as a way to wash away the hurt and begin to heal you. It’s a time of sadness and loss, and unfortunately, you can’t avoid it. Instead, use this anguish, let the tears fall and help you heal as they do. You won’t break, and you will come out of this stronger.

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