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Artist:  Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Website:  http://www.strangeling.com


Fertility, nurture, nature, tactility

Artist Interpretation 

I’ve stuck somewhat with the traditional historical imagery of “The Empress” while of course including some more astral imagery. I’ve gone with a Victorian royal portrait feel, with the Empress’ scepter. She usually has the symbol of Venus in her card, so I have engraved that onto her crown. Often shown with an orb (or globus cruciger) or shield (usually featuring the double-headed eagle herald of the Holy Roman Empire) – I have kind of combined these two elements and created an actual globus of the world and am creating a jeweled representation of the double-headed eagle heraldry.  

Card Meaning 

A celestial ruler stands, in luxurious, opulent clothing, bedecked with symbols of her power and authority. A crown surrounded by twelve stars sits on her head, a scepter held within her hand, and she holds the Earth in her other hand. She does not wield these symbols as weapons however, she is reclining, holding them gently, the planet resting in her lap, like an infant would. She is the archetypal Earth Mother, ruling in a caring, maternal way, loving and giving…but there is a touch of melancholy on her face, suggesting that maybe she gives too much of herself.  

When this card appears in a reading, it is gently suggesting that you need to let go of the reins a little. You’re a caring person, always nurturing others, but your energies are spent on others before you manage to take care of yourself. It’s time for self-care – let your friends and family look after themselves for a little while, so that you can take some “me” time and indulge some luxuries you enjoy.  

Astrological Element and Association 

Earth / Venus

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