Full Moon in Cancer – Monday, January 1, 2018 9:24pm EST

This Supermoon Full Moon in Cancer falls on the first day of the week, month, and year. Go ahead, take a look back at all of the changes you have been through, the victories you have achieved, and the battles you have won. It may have felt like a bumpy ride, but look at this place where the Universe has brought you. The potential for manifestation is great now, and the Universe has at least one good trick up its sleeve designed to help you make it all happen. Energy is running high, and positivity abounds, making this a very unique time.

Your clarity grows greater by day, as you strive to organize your life and utilize all of your acquired wisdom to create your vision for change. You are capable of life-altering decisions now, and as you look back during this Full Moon, prepare to let go of the past which is done and dusted. The Universe is saying look forward, it has your back, and your efforts will be generously rewarded with the cycles of the Moon. Work diligently with this energy to accomplish as much as you possibly can.

Face forward, without fear, without doubt, and trust that you know what to do now. You are once again in charge of your life, and more than able to put things back on track. As you focus on any direction changes you feel may be in order, note the process of creation is in your hands. There is much abundance to be had, and your payoff appears to be coming some time around March, as you see your plans beginning to come to fruition in a very positive manner.

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