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Artist:  Rachel Quinlan

Website:  http://www.rachelquinlan.com


Fairytale Knight, romance, idealism

Artist Interpretation 

My version of the Knight of Cups for 78 Tarot Astral was based off of the Rider Waite version of the card. The winged helmet is a symbol of creativity and imagination. The white steed symbolizes purity and evokes a sense of calmness and ease, as well as power and initiative. The red fish swirling around the figure act as a cape, a symbol of creativity and consciousness. This is reflected in the liquid offered in the knight’s cup. The palette consists of warm reds, pinks, purples, and oranges to suggest a romantic mood to the piece, as well as to give the impression of an alien atmosphere. I’ve also added dual moons in the sky, alluding to the romantic nature of this card. The knight is gazing at the viewer with a wry smile. He is charming and alluring… a knight in shining armor.

Card Meaning 

When this card appears in a reading, it is suggesting that your soul is crying out for magic, love, poetry, romance and flamboyance. Give yourself the opportunity to appreciate the finer things of life. To indulge in fantasies, and ignore the more practical sides of life, even if only for a short while. Pamper yourself, or let someone else treat you. Give your heart the reins for a change, and see where it leads you.

Just make sure that your emotions and passions don’t run away with you, losing you on a melodramatic flight of fancy.

The Knight of Cups can be suggestive of a sensitive, imaginative character who is currently in your life, or coming into it soon. They are suave and gentile, and their sweeping, dramatic arrival coincides with an invitation, offering you a chance to open up and look beyond the mundane world, into the possibilities that abound. To walk a different path for a time.

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