Sun in Aquarius – January 19, 2018

Given the fact that the Sun will be in Aquarius throughout all of eclipse season, the eclipses will play a major role in events taking place in your life at this time. You have the magic within you to create whatever vision your hopes and dreams contain. You have been guided to this place, and if there were any rough patches during January, things will likely smooth out at the time of the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclips in Leo on the 31st. You need to trust in the journey. You have taken charge of your life and turned your back to the hard times which you experienced for so long.

At the time of the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, you may be ready to go out on a limb and take a chance on a particular commitment. It is a goal of yours, and also part of the happiness which you desire. If you can remember that you are in charge of you, and that the Universe is handling the rest, you may find that you can achieve a joyous moment, or two, worthy of raising a glass, before this transit ends. Allowing yourself a little soul time will help keep you focused in the right directon. Adventure awaits you during the Sun in Aquarius, but it is one of those things you will never know unless you try.

With a stroke of good luck and through sheer determination, there isn’t a challenge you can’t meet head on now. As you work out the details on your To-Do List, you are putting yourself in a position to permanently close a very heavy door at the time of the New Moon in April. It is the actions which you began back in the beginning of January, and the choices you are making now, and the chances you are taking to make things happen, which will bring you to this place. Somewhere beyond that April New Moon lies the possibility of bringing your most precious hopes and dreams to fruition. Be prepared for a great deal of momentum during Sun in Aquarius, as you continue to set a course for true happiness and fulfillment.

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