Featured Card of the Day – The Emperor – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Nelleke Schoemaker

Website:  http://www.facebook.com/HollowMoonArt


Power, authority, maturity 

Artist Interpretation 

I’ve chosen to make the Emperor slightly different, and made him look strong with muscles and also a bit sexy. The decision to make him without clothes came when I was working on all the muscles and I thought it would be a shame to cover them up, also I thought that he didn’t need fancy clothes to look like an emperor. His pose says enough. He has an astral carving on his chest to match the astral theme, and I decided to go for magical astrology. I also gave him some scars, because this emperor isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Further I gave him the sword and wand in his hand. The background I kept simple and clean, so the emperor is the center of the card.  

Card Meaning 

A white haired, well-built man stands before a glass panel, alert and watchful, sword in hand. His chamber opens directly to the galaxy beyond. He is naked. He needs neither walls, nor armor to protect him as he stands guard. He needs no opulent robes to suggest he is deserving of respect. He is above such mortal requirements. He is the very embodiment of authority, power radiating from him, an intricate, arcane tattoo drawn over him, a map of his knowledge and experience.

When The Emperor appears in a reading, you need to embody some of his better qualities – success is only achieved by careful planning and hard work. You need to gain the experience and wisdom required, rather than expect them to be given to you. Act responsibly, organize and make sure you see things through to their end. Tie up loose ends, before dashing off to more enjoyable things – it’s the only way to see the results you want.

Astrological Element and Association 

Fire / Aries

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