Featured Card of the Day – 5 of Swords – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space 

Artist:  Stephanie Sturm

Website:  http://www.stephsturm.com


Dishonor, self-interest, conflict 

Artist Interpretation

The Five of Swords addresses winning, completing your personal mission – but at what cost? We see elements of apathy hurting others while you strive to claim your prize, turning your back on an ethical & empathetic standpoint. It is also a warning to consider that aforementioned cost, and that it may be higher than anticipated – perhaps even to yourself. This destructive attitude may represent a breaking point you must undertake – or be a warning of your impending undoing.

To depict these points I aimed to tell a story of a hardened and driven leader turning his back on the inhabitants of a planet he must quell for his mission, possibly his own homeland. We see his back turned to a visual depiction of a peer he’s put himself above in a refusal to acknowledge their position. We see the planet at the beginning of destruction, representing the choice to act just being made. With the potential repercussions yet to be seen – he reports: “it is done.”

Card Meaning 

When this card appears in a reading, it is warning you to be careful…

Always remember that how you find a solution is as important to your peace of mind as the outcome itself. Ask yourself, before you act, if the ends really justify the means in this situation. Analyze for yourself if, by acting in self-interest, you will actually cause yourself more hassle in the future. Or if choosing a short term victory for you now will hurt those you care about in the long term. This card is suggesting that your current focus should not only be on what you need to do, but also on how you will do it, and the consequences of your actions.

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