Featured Card of the Day – The Chariot – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space 

Artist:  Patricia Smith

Website:  http://www.studiosmugbug.com


Movement, victory, determination, personal fire

Artist Interpretation 

I am honored to have received the Chariot, and how serendipitous! Since beginning work on this tarot I’ve made some humongous life altering decisions. I’ve moved out of my beloved Pacific Northwest, where I’ve lived all my life, to Los Angeles. I came to the conclusion I needed to move in January. Made the move in February. Along with a career change. I came here, with the objective to become a sketch and storyboard artist. I drove here with nothing but whatever I could fit in my car. I’m rebuilding my life; re-inventing myself. From scratch. I’ve been SO TESTED, but my resolve has never faltered. I have remained: determined, focused and disciplined on my objective. This is going to happen. It’s why I’m here and not going back. The Chariot is me and I am The Chariot.

Card Meaning 

A flaming chariot hurtles through the cosmos. There is no need for animals of burden to pull this vehicle, it is propelled through space by sheer force of will, the charioteer’s hand aloft in determined self-assurance. This is a heavily populated universe, planets close enough to seem almost like a meteor belt, but his control and confidence are absolute, leaving all the planets safe and intact in his wake.

When this card appears in a reading, it is advising you that your success is assured, as long as you keep a firm hold of the reins. Be bold and daring, but don’t lose focus and let it all slip away… This is a time to work hard and keep your momentum and energy flowing, even when there are obstacles in your way. They can be easily overcome – success is right within your grasp.  

Astrological Element and Association:

Water / Cancer

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