Full Moon in Virgo 

As you say to yourself, “I want out of here!”, you are finding a way to do it. Something has held you back, perhaps completely haunts your existence, and you have searched to find the answer. Eclipse season is now over, and whatever this Full Moon holds for you allows you to continue to create the recovery you need in your life. The resources are available to you for this, and you can feel things becoming easier, and much less of a struggle. However, you knew this day would come and you are ready.

It is time to take a stance when it comes to relationships. Compromise may be necessary now, as you negotiate the outcome you wish to manifest. What brings you your abundance is the choices you are making to create the necessary balance. Circumstances are such that you are becoming much more optimistic than you have been in a long while, for when the timing is right, the Universe will indeed provide. Remember, you are the one who has created this, through all of your efforts for change.

The status quo has left you feeling a little bit cheated, betrayed even. This is a time to play your cards close to the vest, especially with any matters involving contracts of any type. Do not be a sheeple and follow blindly. You need to step out, step up, and put your priorities in order. More clarity will come to you in the month of April and beyond. Do not jump the gun on anything; bide your time, listen and observe. Flying under the radar without creating a ruckus will serve you well now. 

I have prepared a special Tarot Guidance for this Full Moon in Virgo (26:14 in length), available as part of a Patreon subscription, for purchase through YouTube, or on Facebook in my Members Only area. 

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