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Artist:  Monika Holloway

Website:  http://www.monikaholloway.weebly.com


Independence, achievement, stability 

Artist Interpretation 

A woman is looking calm and relaxed, she has achieved her goals and fulfilled her ambitions. She worked hard for her success and now she knows it’s time to reap the rewards. The look on her face is confident, maybe a bit proud – after all she did it all on her own, she has achieved so much without anyone’s help. She doesn’t care about the riches; she knows happiness is found somewhere else. As she takes a stroll under the stars, with her falcon perched on her shoulder she is sending us a message: take time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work, you deserve it.

I kept most of the symbols and elements of the original card – the Virgo zodiac is represented by the pentacles themselves, the wine yard has become a rich pattern of the woman’s dress and the little snail (success requires patience) has found his way into her hairstyle. The sign of Virgo’s patron planet Mercury is on one of the castle turrets.

The Card’s Message by Trish Sullivan

An opulently dressed young woman walks in her garden, her castle in the background, and pauses to take a look behind her. Her watchful eye tells her that her work is not completely done, but for tonight, this time is hers, to relax and appreciate the rewards of her effort.

When this card appears in a reading, it is time to relax. You’ve achieved a great deal, with a lot of effort, and it’s taken a toll. You’ve not let yourself stop for long before, there has been too much to do for you to feel comfortable doing so.  

But now, you can rest assured that while there is more work to do, you can take the time to treat yourself, to celebrate your achievements, knowing that your continued hard work allows you to enjoy these moments

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