Featured Card of the Day – 10 of Cups – Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane

Artist: M.J. Cullinane

Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

Card Meaning

The happy couple sits on a budding branch of a cherry blossom tree watching their fledglings resting comfortably in their nest. The setting is one of peace and contentment. The couple achieved their dreams as each new day brings with a feeling of love and fulfillment. The 10 of Cups denotes a time of utmost joy. Another message of this card may also be a romantic relationship is forming, one that could result in a lifelong love affair. Take a moment to bask in the positive energy the 10 of Cups offers – good luck will soon enter your home.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crowtarotdeck/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/crowtarot

Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

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