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Intuition, mysteries, reflection, depth



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The Moon


I wanted to embody Isis, said to represent fertility, wisdom, and have a strong connection to the underworld. She transcends our awareness and acts as a gatekeeper between worlds. My card is inspired by Egyptian art, Surrealism and Art Deco. She not only guards the worlds between worlds, but she herself is the gateway. I loved the idea of playing with positive and negative space, conscious and subconscious. She represents a balance between the masculine and feminine, and I wanted her face and pose to exude strong, feminine power. She is a delicate representation of harmony, in composition and meaning. At her chest lies the silhouette of a pomegranate – the symbol of Persephone. Look beyond her gate into the calming sea blues as The High Priestess invites you to trust your intuition and inner voice.


Isis stands at a gateway to the unknown, inviting you to be worthy of entrance to the mysteries she guards. Just one look at her shows her power and authority, as she challenges you to prove yourself. It’s time to stop, and accept an invitation from the High Priestess – to learn more about yourself, and realize you have so much more to learn. Try going with the fl ow for a while, rather than diving straight in. Ask yourself what you’re currently missing – the strong presence of the Moon suggests that there is more going on than you can see. So, learn to listen to your intuition – that nagging voice you’re currently ignoring….make sure you understand the situation fully before you move on.


ISIS Isis is the Queen of the Gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, wife and resurrector of Osiris. She was the primary goddess in death rites, considered a protector of the dead, as well as a maternal figure, healer and the keeper of secrets. She brought knowledge to women of Egypt in her role as the Queen of the gods, including teaching women how to weave and bake. Given the female archetype that is Isis, along with her reputation for wisdom and keeper of mysteries, we felt that she was a fantastic representation of our Mythical High Priestess

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