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Completion, fulfillment, victory



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I chose to replace the traditional central figure, who is most oft en compared to Sophia or Wisdom, with the Roman god Janus, traditionally thought to oversee beginnings and transitions, both sacred and profane, the originator of time and the guardian of the gates of heaven. I chose to focus Janus on the aspects of balancing the four elements and the wisdom of duality – shown in two ways, one by the obvious nature of the two faced god and the other is shown by breaking up the cycle of the beginning and end symbolically by having one face look down toward a candle that has been blown out and the other looking up holding a lit candle. Th e four hands represent the four elements dropping wisdom or Sophia, represented by the small stars falling from their palms.


Dual-faced god, Janus, stands, one face downcast, considering what has gone before. Th is side of him has a blade pointed to his own heart, an extinguished candle in his hand, as this phase ends, casting him into the depths. Th e other face searches the sky for the next part in his journey, a new challenge, which Janus will face with light and hope. Life is a series of cycles, and it’s time for this cycle to end. Victory is upon you, success is assured – all your hard work paying off , so it’s time to enjoy it. Celebrate your achievements and consider all you’ve learned along the way…how you can take this experience with you to help you face your next challenge.


Janus is a two faced god within Roman mythology. He is unique to the Roman pantheon having no Greek or other equivalent. Famous for being the god of duality, doorways and transitions, he was oft en seen as the point between states, including the move from war to peace. Also associated with the movement of time, his one face would look back at history, the other would look forward. Th e way in which Janus represented beginnings and endings, we felt that he is perfect personification of the concepts within this card.

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