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Temptation, decisions, fantasy



Astrological Association

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


In Greek legend, the Pleiades were seven sisters, daughters of Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione. When Orion chose to pursue them, unwanted, Zeus turned the girls first into doves and then into stars, where as a constellation, they still flee Orion. I chose the sisters, giving them each a cup of wonders to offer. While you may be tempted by the riches that appear in each vessel, don’t be blindly seduced down a path that could hold danger. A great wave threatens to break over the path they are calling you down, and they may only offer fantasies.


Against a starlit night sky, seven beautiful nymphs stand, each holding a goblet of temptations – power, wealth, and other glorious offerings. There is a clear path between them, the sea-nymphs holding the waters back. But for how long? Decisions, decisions! There are so many possibilities before you, that it’s turned into a blessing and a curse. You’re losing focus, so many things whirling around in your mind and heart that you’re getting caught up in the process rather than moving forward. Getting distracted by flights of fancy, targeting too many things at once. Realistically it doesn’t matter how many options you have, if you don’t actively chase any of them.


The Pleaides were seven sisters born of Atlas the titan to Pleione, the sea nymph. Nymphs themselves, they were mothers to some other mythic figures, but their own legend is infamous. Orion, the huntsman, started to pursue all the sisters when they lost the protection of their father – when Atlas was forced to hold up the sky. Zeus came to their aid, transforming them all into doves, and later into stars. It is said that they all killed themselves out of sorrow, and that Zeus took pity on them and turned them into a constellation that can still be seen today. Seven tempting sisters instantly brings to mind images of the Seven of Cups.

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