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Success, security, legacy



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Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


In my illustration, an aged woman is sitting in her garden, in front of an archway that leads to her home. She is visited by the Chinese Sanxing (the three deities): Shou, Lu and Fu. Shou is the god of longevity and is recognized by his high, domed forehead. He is always smiling and friendly and carries a peach of immortality. Lu is the god of status and success and Fu is the god of good fortune and prosperity. Fu cradles the woman’s grandchild in his arms and another grandchild is entertaining them with her happy chatter. The woman watches on, content and smiling, while petting the family dog. In the distance there are two people walking towards the family house. These could be her adult children or memories of the woman’s younger self with her husband.


A family is visited by the Sanxing, who bring with them prosperity, health and success, bringing in turn peace of mind. Contentment for themselves, and happiness that their young family will be protected and secure as they age. All your hard work is paying off – success is on its way, bringing to your life not just stability and comfort, but even greater opportunity. Chances to build on what you have already created, if you choose to take advantage of your own momentum. To go further than you had ever thought, and make not only your dreams come true, but those of your family too.


In Chinese mythology, Fu, Lu and Shou are three deities collectively referred to as Sanxing (the three stars). Th ey are the gods of prosperity, status and health, and statues of them are considered very lucky to have in your home, offi ce or community, especially around Chinese New Year. Lu Xing in particular is associated with family, and bringing luck to childless couples trying for a baby, so this collective of gods felt like a wonderful fi t for this meaning of this card.

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