Featured Card of the Day – 6 of Wands – 78 Tarot Mythical


Recognition, achievement, success, motivation



Astrological Association

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


I chose a unicorn to represent the mount for the rider in this card. I’m a huge unicorn lover and collector so this was a perfect fit for me and I love painting them. Unicorns are the symbols of purity and goodness and I feel that it is imperative for those intentions to be part of true achievement. This card is all about achievement. Success and winning mean different things to different people. If you ask a dozen people what it means to them you will get a dozen different answers. To me, true success, is coming from a place of focus and purity so I decided that crystals should top each wand. I also chose to exclude the congratulatory crowd because pure achievement doesn’t need external validation to matter. This is all about what YOU find to be a victory for yourself.


A triumphant bunny rides toward victory on the back of a pure, mystical unicorn, basking in the knowledge that his tasks are completed, and he has excelled in their execution. He doesn’t need spectators to his success, his own appreciation is reward enough. It’s been a long time coming, but now praise and appreciation is coming your way. Don’t shy away. You may not be comfortable in the limelight, and you’re not doing this for reward, but your time and effort deserve recognition. Own your achievements, accept the compliments and let it spur you on to even greater heights!


The unicorn is a fantastic creature that appears in European folklore, renowned for its purity and innate magical nature. A horse (sometimes depicted as a goat) with a single horn, the unicorn is able to cure poison and heal disease and corruption. Given the pure nature of the unicorn, and its ability to withstand impurity, we felt that it would be a perfect steed for a creature in the spotlight.

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