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Fulfilment, satisfaction, joy



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Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


I picked the myth of Midas for the Nine of Cups. Everyone familiar with the myth knows the consequences of his greed, but I wanted to show the moment right before he turns his daughter into gold when he is reveling in his new found powers. He is at the height of his happiness totally unaware of what will be the true price of his wish.


Midas sits, content amongst his treasures. Life right now is perfect – his very touch can transform the ordinary into pure gold…and he’s not been afraid to test it out! Clothes, shoes, pets, flowers, even his throne is now gold. There are no riches he cannot attain. Let your hope and enthusiasm rise, and don’t let doubt enter your head at this stage of the game. Big improvements are on their way, ushering in a time of happiness and contentment – there are just a few last steps to take. It’s time to manifest your dreams, to bring them to reality at last. You are so close to personal and spiritual fulfillment that you can nearly see it coming your way…


King Midas was a Phrygian king in Greek mythology, famous for his “golden touch”. Legend has it that Silenus, the satyr father and master of Dionysus, was found and cared for by King Midas aft er he had wandered off , drunk. Midas entertained and played host to Silenus, then returned him to his son. Dionysus rewarded him with any wish he could think of…he wished that all he touch be turned to gold. Famously he tested this and was made happy by his new gift …but when he came to eat and drink, he cursed his gift …for even that turned to gold. But Dionysus consented to another wish…to wash his golden touch away. With Midas learning that money cannot buy contentment, this is a perfect myth for “the wish card”.


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