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Fellowship, family, happiness



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Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


There are few places as serene as a Japanese garden, and this is no exception. The dragons have paired, offering love and joy to one another, and around them is the abundance of all life. They are lacking nothing in their own private space. The Watergate around them stands as a testament to their unity, and playful fish swim about their feet. The water lilies floating on the surface symbolize the abundance around them. Here they can live their perfectly fulfilled life. This card is pure joy, harmony, and fulfillment, especially pertaining to relationships. Everything in your life is beautiful. You are surrounded with amazing people who love you, a life that fills you, and you know who you are.


In a beautiful, tranquil park, two Koi dragons have found each other, creating a loving family scene. In the pond before them, ten lilies form ten cups, as fish swim around them in abundance, making this a perfect place for them to settle. Family and relationships are falling into place. Turmoil and worries are behind you – life is good, and getting better. You’ve been through emotional hell, but the trials you’ve faced have opened your heart, meaning that you can now really appreciate the joy that you’re beginning to feel. Life is good, and only going to get better for you.


Koi play a popular role in Asian tales, both in reality and mythology. While they are more oft en associated with Japan, it is a Chinese myth that is their most famous literary appearance. The ancient waterfall legend tells how koi carp – an entire school of them – swam upstream in the Yellow River. Th ey swam against the current, till they reached a waterfall at the end. Undaunted, they tried to reach the top. Animals and demons in the area mocked them, but some persisted. Aft er many years of fi ghting the water and trying, one koi reached the top, and was rewarded by the gods, who turned it into a dragon. And so it goes that any koi who reaches that spot will become a dragon. Th e journey aspect of this tale, with the magnifi cent reward made it a wonderful myth for this card.
Ten of Cups by Carla Morrow
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