Featured Card of the Day – The Lovers – Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane

Artist: M.J. Cullinane

Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

Card Meaning

On the surface this card represents love and unity; however, it goes deeper as it also describes karmic passion and soul relationships that span lifetimes. The crows have traveled through space and time drinking from the same heart, binding them as their veins fill with the same life force, joining their spirit for eternity. Together, each decision is made as the outcome will forever affect them both. From the person you love to the place you settle down, the Lovers ask that you examine your belief system and use your inner compass when deciding to join forces. The Lovers brings the message that some benefits and consequences will eventually reveal themselves for better or for worse.

Connect with M.J. Cullinane

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/crowtarot

Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

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