Featured Card of the Day – Page of Pentacles – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: manifesting new opportunities, beginnings, good news, ambitions, skills and training, financial opportunities, new career paths, new connections, exploration stage, a beginner, earth magick, making plans a reality

Shadow Seer: being non-committal, lack of progress, learning from past mistakes, procrastinating, not bringing plans down to earth

Message from the Page of Pentacles

There may be pieces that still need to fall into place, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to arrive! Yes, there is work to do and things to figure out, and you’re in the perfect place to get it done. Harness this youthful energy to dig into new experiences that will solidify your means and your future. (Remember when you thought you could be an astronaut? Go ahead and ground that energy before it dissipates!) Find prosperity in your progress, create confidence by being dependable, and allow this tangible material upswing to be your proof-positive that you hold this power, no matter what age you are, or where you are starting out from. New information will bring with it new perspectives and upgrades of consciousness, and this Page reminds you that you can use this excitement for new beginnings as a building tool to expedite its arrival. In shadow, this card can indicate a lack of commitment or a loss of interest. Are you losing your momentum or excitement? Ground your ideas by taking small, simple steps to bring them to life. Sometimes, in shadow, this Page can indicate a lack of ambition to move ahead. This may mean you haven’t found your thing yet. If you find yourself procrastinating because your task feels too big, or if you have ambition without the finances to support a new dream, know that you can move ahead slowly. You don’t need to make it all happen at the same time. Dedicated, step-by-step progress will make your plans a reality.

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