Featured Card of the Day – 5 of Swords – Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: conflict, losing a challenge, unfair advantage, experiencing loss, the opportunity to build your skills and your confidence

Shadow Seer: taking unfair advantage of a situation, winning at all costs, deceitful strategies and feeling guilty about your victory, psychic attack

Message from the 5 of Swords

You may have experienced a failure, or lost a battle that has left you a little bit sore. Sometimes life isn’t just, and unfair circumstances or unexpected losses can drain our energy for much longer than they need to. Often, it’s the fear of failure alone that does most of the draining. If you have had an experience that has left you feeling out-witted or out-played, put things into perspective and remember that this one chapter of your story doesn’t define you. Wins and losses are a part of the human experience, and the keys to self-improvement spring open when we are faced with our own shortcomings. Boost your consciousness, upgrade your skills and build on this experience. Carefully consider where you place your trust and your confidence next time, and study the playing field to find your success. In shadow, we learn that winning isn’t everything. The obsessive desire to win can have us stopping at nothing to feel victorious, and in the long run we can risk everything we’ve built along the way. You may find yourself a few steps backwards after winning if you are not bringing your integrity to the games. If someone else’s negative energy has got you down, send them some fierce love and move on with your day. Don’t let them derail you. Stay true to your heart and what you know to be right. Live and learn, lovely seer!

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