Featured Card of the Day – 6 of Cups -Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Artist: Chris-Anne Donnelly

Key Concepts

Light Seer: nostalgia, reconnecting with people from the past, harmony, themes of your life, inner child and future self conversations

Shadow Seer: lamenting decisions and actions, a need to forgive others, a need to forgive yourself, letting people in, releasing sadness and guilt, dealing with regret

Message from the 6 of Cups

Your past is coming up for you when the 6 of Cups appears in a reading. You may be experiencing nostalgia and feeling warm and fuzzy about the past, or you may be feeling triggered by old memories. Work on releasing your negative reactions to any past trauma and on healing your present situation. Forgive yourself, release any guilt you are carrying about the past, and absolutely make sure you stop lamenting any decisions that you have made up until now! Fresh slates and new beginnings are always available to you. Forgiving your imperfect humanness is a perfect place to start. Use your memory of who you were as a way to highlight how far you’ve come, and allow a trajectory to shine beauty on where you are headed next. Use your memories as a wonderful tool for processing lessons, as they are a profound gateway to healing. You are, after all, the future self of your inner child. In a Universe where time is fluid, great healing can be made by connecting with the past and future versions of your life. Spend some time contemplating what your inner child needs from you in order to heal. Look to their guidance for things that need to be forgiven and understood. Sometimes our inner children suggest that we need to play more, to lighten up, and find our laughter! Sometimes this card indicates a nostalgia for simpler times, especially when you feel the heaviness of responsibilities in your life. It may even be a literal message that someone from your past is gong to re-enter your life. (This can be an old friend, ex-partner, past colleague, or even an old challenge.) It reminds us that we can gain so much from reconnecting with old kindreds, and by reminiscing about old times. When we connect with all of our timeline (past, present, and future), we can truly find our way, and our wholeness.

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