Card of the Day – Page of Pentacles (Materials) – Saturday, August 1, 2020

Welcome to August! This is one of the most important months of the year, and you will wish to take advantage of all that is on offer. Our beautiful Messenger/Page is here for you with opportunity, not just today, but in the days which follow, and brings with it a message of wealth. Not all wealth is financial, but, in this instance, being material, as indicated by the card, it would appear that you are being given a means by which to increase yours.

Does this mean that you will hit the lottery? That is doubtful. What it does mean is that what you have been putting out there will be coming back to you. If you are in the market for a new job, or even just a job, this is your card. Tweaking your resume and filling out online applications, etc., can not hurt your chances of success today. The Page of Pentacles encourages these things, with the promise of reward and a message of possibility coming your way. Mercury and Venus have both left shadow, as well as Eclipse season being behind you. The Universe is giving you the green light, and it would be wise to make the most of it, for, just as in fairy tales, that magical energy does have an expiration. Hurry, now, time is of the essence; good luck! Be sure to listen to my August Love and Finance Tarot Guidance, available now on PodBean.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

Date Last Seen: July 18, 2020

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