Card of the Day – The Hermit – Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Was your Tuesday action-packed, and perhaps feeling scattered all over the place? Today, the Hermit is here to bring you a moment of calm, of inner peace, even if you need to hide in a bathroom stall to find it. Should you be fortunate enough to have the time, a short meditation may be in order. It is not so much about going within and seeking answers, as it is reflection and realigning one’s center. This Hump Day, positioned in the middle of a crazy week which is bringing in new changes, asks you to pause briefly, acknowledge your place in the Universe, as you see your goals are being met. Although it is not in the fashion you may have had in mind when 2020 began, you will enjoy this new way of being.

It is important to remember when you see the Hermit, that you have been guided to this place and point in time. On your own, you would likely have chosen slightly different. There is always wise counsel available to you, to aid you with the answers you seek regarding your choices. Be informed in those choices, and you will be guided properly. My October Love and Finance is available this month on PodBean.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Enamorte for 78 Tarot Elemental

This card was last seen August 25, 2020

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