Card of the Day – 4 of Pentacles – Saturday, November 14, 2020

Hold on just one more day! Today’s 4 of Pentacles serves as a timely reminder, that yes, Mars in Aries is now direct, but the final Supermoon of 2020, a New Moon 23° Scorpio, is not happening until tomorrow, the 15th, or, for a few of you, at the very end of today, the 14th. So, what does this mean? This is a very special New Moon, not just because of its powerful Supermoon status, and while it is not an Eclipse itself, it kicks off the final Eclipse season of 2020, which will take us all the way through December 29. Your intentions really count with this one, but, as with any New Moon, it is imperative to wait for the New Moon to occur, in order to initiate any important actions on your part.

The 4 of Pentacles is a conservative card, often associated with holding onto one’s money in a miserly fashion, but also in maintaining a position, which is the case now, until the timing is right. Even the ram on the card, looking all Aries-like, is not planning to move at this moment. This is a very important New Moon, and the changes you seek in your life may possibly have bearing for a very long time to come. Waiting until tomorrow, or beyond, to enact them, will be in your highest and best interest. To hear my New Moon Tarot Guidance, listen on Patreon app https://patreon,com/tarotbycecelia/ ~ or in my Members Only Area on Facebook (Members Only is accessible by clicking on “Use App” at the top of my Facebook page)

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Children of Litha Tarot

This card was last seen September 7, 2020

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